Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wow big day for me in blogland! When I checked my usual blog reading this morning I found that I was featured on 2 well known blogs! I was completely surprised. The first was a relatively new blog from Canadian art buyer Heather Morton. The second was from the hugely popular Conscientious fine art photo blog by Joerg Colberg. Thanks for the support!

ps new kitchen stills above.


  1. I think your surprise was likely almost matched by my own to see that Joerg and I are thinking alike. Congrats!

  2. nagyon tettszenek a k├ępeid :)
    (hungary) valter

  3. Can anyone translate Valter's comment for me? I wasn't able to find a good hungarian-english translator online. Thanks all the same Valter.

  4. I very like your photographs! :)
    Sorry I dont speak well enough english.:(