Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More eye candy from the kitchen counter. No real response to this project yet. What do you think?


  1. Several posts back you questioned your own liking of this series, maybe you asking us here is more continuation of self questioning.
    For me personally I'd like to keep on viewing the series grow, interested to see what else you put on that counter, a very versatile place.

  2. Robert,
    Thanks for the comment. you're right, there is some self questioning involved, as there always is at the beginning of a project. It's interesting because this is the first project that I am showing on my blog while it is still in the infant stages. You will see the good and the bad, what will make it in the end, and what will get rejected. That is a bit unnerving for me. I would rather show a finished group of work but I think that this is a valuable way to work for me and for blog readers. That is why I ask for some feedback, in order to get some help along the way. Hopefully our collaboration will lead to good things!

  3. Keep going then Kate, it is far better than the no projects I am doing. I tend to procastinate and can't exactly decide what a project of mine should be, letting myself view others instead do my own.
    Maybe an interesting thing to do is throw one out there on a blog as you have done and then feel committed to do and complete it.

  4. Just do it Robert! Sometimes you just need to start with the images and then figure out if its any good or not, or what it means, along the way.