Thursday, July 3, 2008

Some recent photos I took of author Rawi Hage for the Canadian literary magazine Quill & Quire. Just two weeks ago Rawi found out that he was this year's winner of the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. This is the world's richest literary award and it went to a Montrealer! Congrats Rawi! His book "DeNiro's Game" is a really interesting inside look at Lebanon's civil war. Before his very successful literary career Rawi was a successful fine art photographer. Such a wealth of creativity found in one person!


  1. Kate,

    Thanks for these great photos of a Rawi Hage. I read "DeNiros's Game" as soon as it was published last year and it brought memories of my 3 years in Lebanon and of her people.

  2. The bottom one is kinda... saucy!

  3. Thanks for the comments folks. And saucy or not Rawi's book is definitely a good read! His next novel is set in Montreal. I'm looking forward to reading a story based in our neighbourhood.