Sunday, July 6, 2008

First photos from my recent trip down south. These cars were all photographed in Florida. The palm trees and the colours that exist down there really made an impression on me and I was often trying to adjust my eye to this new situation. The fact that there were so many of these old classics was also completely different and something that I really enjoyed. Our northern winter with its cold and salt doesn't allow for cars to have such a long lifespan.


  1. oh geeeez-us!..... :O first one is an instant winner.

    i'd order you a print but being a lousy broken student best i can do is suggest a print-trade... perhaps? let me know if you're willing to consider.

  2. Tome,
    Thank you so much, that is a very kind offer. Unfortunately things are pretty busy right now but in the fall when things free up I'll get in touch if I end up making an extra print of that one,