Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More from Frank Lloyd Wright's Florida Southern College. I do hope that you all took the time to look at Chris Mottalini's work. I was just looking at his images again and there is so much going on in them. I mean there's the window light, the graphics and form of the architect's lines, the textures of the materials, and the way in which these beautiful buildings fit in with their surroundings. He is definitely doing Paul Rudolph justice. I am preparing an architecture slideshow for my class tomorrow. Now all I have to do is infect my students with the enthusiasm I have. Hopefully early tomorrow morning that will still be possible!


  1. Hey there Kate, I had a quick peek at Chris Mottalini's photos - they are spectacular, but made me so sad... Such a big, beautiful building and it looks empty, lost, and unloved...
    Hugs, Annie.

  2. Annie,
    Of course you're right it is depressing that these place are no longer, but at least an impression of them has been preserved for us in the photographs. And I should let you know that Chris Mottalini himself wishes that he could do more to protect these places (from a comment he made in an email to me). Hopefully the photographs will inspire people to invest in protecting buildings such as these,