Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm going global! Brasilian magazine Revista Gloss featured my "Why am I marrying him?" series in their latest issue. I've been getting emails from Brasilian fans but have been having a hard time communicating since I don't know Portuguese. I think I will go outside with the magazine and ask one of my Portuguese neighbours to translate it for me.

Update: So my neighbour doesn't have great eye sight but he was able to make out the title which says something to the effect of: "Would you marry a person with this face?" Hilarious!


  1. Hahahahhahahaahaha!

    That is so awesome!

  2. I am so proud of you Kate!! Yahoo!! We are now all anxiously awaiting the spin off of that project, now that you actually have married him... Big hugs from Peterborough... Annie.

  3. Hello! I'm brasilian and I have seen a reference to your photographs on another magazine called Domingo that comes with a newspaper, O Jornal do Brasil.

    Oh, and a better translation to this title would be: why would I marry a dude like this? Our just: why would I marry this guy?

    Best wishes!

  4. Hi! I'm brazilian too and just loved your pics! If you need help with the portuguese language feel free to ask.
    Best, Sonia

  5. Thanks for all the support guys! I will check out Domingo and Annie don't worry there are some great portraits of Chris that I will be unveiling soon enough.

  6. As well as appearing in this Brazilian Mag I will be in the Italian Playgirl next month. Shazam.

  7. Don't listen to him, he is full of it! I would not sign off on that,

  8. hey Kate! I'm one of those fans from Brazil... It's funny how your boyfriend article had my attention, actually it wasn't him but your idea of taking pictures of your husband to be, and not "hot" pictures or better shots, but ones that he's like not even caring about you taking his photos... lol.

    I love the one he's looking through the window dressed only with shorts. He looks so away from the world!

    kisses, lucks in your fantastic job!

  9. Kate Hello!

    I am Brazilian and loved seeing his work in Gloss magazine and I was even more surprising to me face the story in its fotoblog.

    Belissimas photos, kisses!