Monday, April 18, 2011

A copy of my book! This book accompanies my "Ulysses, a personal journey" exhibition which is opening this week. Facts about this book:

Contains 79 colour images, image notes and an essay about the work
144 pages in length
The book is hand stitched and hand bound
Is in a edition of 25
For sale for $100 (email me if you are interested in reserving a copy:

The book will be present at the vernissage (which is also functioning as a book launch), but will not be in the gallery during the rest of the show.

For this book I must thank Aislinn Leggett for tutoring me in book binding, Paul Lessard for doing the letter press of the cover, and of course my husband Chris for the layout and design.

Also the show was hung yesterday and even though the vernissage is not till Wednesday the gallery is open to the public as of this morning (hanging took less time than I thought so the show opens one day early). I think the exhibit looks great, go visit! Hope to see you Wednesday!

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