Thursday, November 25, 2010

OK, enough whining for now, (I just needed to get it off my chest) back to the photographs! Above are some more Habs fans from the spring 2010 playoff season, these ones sporting sun glasses. All of this series was taken outside the Montreal Canadiens arena (the Bell Center) before playoff home games. Hockey is big in this city and when the Habs (what we call The Canadiens, for Habitants, the original French colonizers of Quebec) are in the playoffs everyone gets excited and happy and the city is electric with anticipation. Growing up I was never really connected to this hockey fever. Since my parents are both from Dublin they weren't that interested in hockey and me and my sisters took figure skating lessons. I did play club hockey in University but that wasn't in Montreal. Then Chris and I moved back to Montreal together and in the past few years Chris has had half season's tickets to see the Habs. He gets hockey fever big time, and now I am finally joining in and enjoy watching hockey too (yesterday we went to a local bar to watch the game and ended up chatting with a guy who was scalping tickets before the game, he was giving us the low down on how it works). So that's why I started taking these photos, I finally felt like I was connecting to hockey fever in Montreal, and becoming a real Habs fan and I wanted to show all these different people that are so dedicated to their team.

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