Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cloud and Dandelions, intervention images that I made a year or two ago.

Recently I bought Lay Flat 02: Meta. It's a beautiful little book and the images and essays included are both very strong. I would suggest two things though. One: that the essays failed to mention what is often the unmentionable these days, and that is that much of this reflection on the medium of photography recently done by photographers may be brought on by the fact that we are at a crossroads, in that place where film meets digital, and that this change on the ground, and the need to learn new tools, and the transition that photographers are going through in their working process has lead them to reflect back on the materiality of the medium itself. And two: that although the artists included were interesting and quite a good representation of the work out there I would suggest that including these additional artists would have made it stronger: Michael Love's "Self Portrait with Rifle", Michael Flomen, Chris McCaw, John Cyr, and Curtis Mann. Also if you are interested in this kind of thing you may want to check out the Victoria and Albert's exhibit (in London, England) on till February: "Shadow Catchers: Camera-Less Photography".

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