Sunday, October 4, 2009

Images from the house of my neighbours in the country, the wonderful Nancy and Neal.

This week I saw 2 great shows: BGL at the Parisian Laundry, and Michael Love at Les Territoires. BGL is a collaborative trio of Quebecois sculptors and Mike is a photo MFA peer whose show at Les Territoires is part of his thesis work. I highly recommend you visit both.

In other news I also participated in the Mois de la Photo's portfolio review yesterday. This was my first ever portfolio review and it was an interesting and rewarding experience. I got to meet with curators and directors from all over the world and the varied and rich feedback they gave me was quite valuable. No concrete results as of yet but I think that some goods things will come of our meetings. Although we were all busy chatting up the reviewers, it was also a nice opportunity to hang out with some great Montreal photographers. There was the crowd that I already know: Jessica Auer, Josee Pedneault, Karen Zalamea, Guillaume Simoneau, and Thomas Kneubuhler; and then there were those whose work I knew but whom I had not met in person up to that point: Jim Verburg, Sara A Tremblay, Tony Fouhse, and Karine Cossette Barbeau. It was great to see all these faces, new acquaintances and old. I just wish that as well as being reviewed, we had also had some time to catch up and see each others work.

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