Monday, October 26, 2009

Editorial images I did for a recent issue of Canadian Living Magazine (with the last two being outtakes that I like). The story was 20 years after the Polytechnique killings and I was assigned to take portraits of three women who were profoundly affected by this tragedy.

I don't talk much about my editorial work here on the blog, but perhaps I should. To get a call from an art director/photo editor with an interesting job is quite thrilling. For me it is usually a portraiture assignment and I get to meet some pretty interesting people, people with compelling stories to tell. To be trusted with their stories and the way they will be represented is quite a big task, and something that I don't take lightly. I love arriving at the location (often the subject's home), scoping it out quickly and developing a rapport with the person I will be photographing. It is challenging but always interesting. I think of this position as a priviledged one and I always try to be respectful and do what's right by the person who has trusted me with their representation. These assignments also expose me to things that are happening in my community and allow me a closer view of the stories being told. I remember the Polytechnique tragedy, even though I was quite young. Of course I also now remember the Dawson school shooting and others. I have heard that the Polytechnique film that came out recently is very good, I think I will have to see it one of these days.

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