Monday, October 13, 2008

Summer pool noodle.
I went swimming in the lake yesterday and I can tell you that it did not look or feel anything like this!

Big voting day tomorrow Canadians. If you're still not sure who you want to vote for this website might help:

It could easily be called "vote for arts and culture". Don't give the conservatives any free rides!


  1. i was actually walking along lake massawippi, in the townships, on sunday and wondered what it would be like to jump in. so, was it not-so-cold as i imagined it, or was it effing freezing as my brother suggested to me ?

  2. I'd say it was pretty close to effing freezing but maybe not quite there. I was only able to spend 10 or 15 seconds in there. But always worth it because you feel so good after the fact.

  3. Thanks or your ever inspiring posts.

    I am sorry that I will not be able to get to your show before it closes on saturday.

    As for today's election, I can at least vote with my heart without fear of contributing to Harper's re-election.