Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I realize that in my last post I said "more camping photos" when in fact I hadn't really shown you any. So here are my favourite stills from around the camp fire. Still lifes are my new passion. To see a real pro go to:
Nilsson makes all his photos look so effortless when really they are masterpieces. Enjoy!


  1. Really cool shots, I love the tomato and PB shot. The top shot looks like the subject is playing the food like a piano.

    I must say I don't like the bottom still life. Their is a sense of unease to it that I at first thought was due to the knife but I then realized it was the plate hanging off the table. The table nearly dissects the plate and I find the composition offsetting and awkward because of this.
    Otherwise beautiful camp series.

  2. It's funny because I think that the bottom one is my favourite. I understand what you mean though. For me it's the colour and the light that grab me whereas the functionality of the set up is less of a concern. Perhaps the awkwardness you see adds tension and therefore interest to the image?

  3. which camera are u using to take all your photos?

  4. Aha. I knew it would come out eventually. Well these images were all shot on 2 1/4 colour fuji film using my Hasselblad. I use my digi daily for my freelance work but I still love to use film for my personal work. The quality of light, narrow depth of field available and the square format just suit me to a T.