Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Park 4

These trips to the park have been a great way to end my days. After my daughter goes to bed I sling my camera onto my shoulder and do my loop around the park. I do this loop so often now and it is never the same. Every time there is a different interaction, a different group of people and a different quality of light. As well as trying to take interesting images and do the park justice, these walks have also been a great way to connect with strangers. This is something that I rarely do in Montreal. Montrealers don't seem to talk to each other the way that people do in some other cities. I don't know if this is because we are never sure what language to start in (I love the interaction between two anglo strangers speaking to each other in french) or what, but I am realizing that Montrealers are not cold, and are in fact very warm to strangers who start up a conversation. In fact everyone seems poised and ready to talk to someone who approaches them, and every time I interact with a stranger I leave feeling happy that I did. So talk to strangers Montrealers! It's pretty fun.