Thursday, June 2, 2011

For the past few months I had a wonderful gig at CBC. I worked for the radio show Rendez-Vous. This show brought together francophone and anglophone musicians and had them work together in the studio. And I got to be there to photograph them! Some great artists were present and it was a joy to photograph them at work. You can hear the recordings at the Rendez-Vous website.

Above are some images from the recording sessions:
#1 and 2: Sarah Slean and Jorane
#3 and 4: Luc De Larochelliere and Alejandra Ribera
#5 and 6: Daniel Lavoie and Jeremy Fisher
#7 and 8: Amelia Curran and Caracol
#9, 10 and 11: Marie-Pierre Arthur and The Barr Brothers

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