Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Snow, something we haven't seen much of recently

Over the weekend I was in New York City. I went with some of my MFA peers for the purpose of seeing art work and also to drop off some images that will be in an upcoming show. We did a marathon of art viewing including the Armory show, MOMA, the Whitney and the Guggenheim. Overall we agreed that the Guggenheim was the best experience. The Armory seemed to be made to dull your senses through white boxes and too much work to take in. I found it interesting for the simple fact that I was able to see prints in person, prints of work that I often come across on-line, and I must say that a lot of contemporary prints were of a lesser quality than I would have expected. All in all just being in NY was amazing. I had my car towed and the car pound is actually an incredible place where New Yorkers who have to wait for hours to get their cars back chat to strangers and are amazingly cheerful, someone should make a documentary film about that place. I also caught Joel Meyerowitz's talk at Edwynn Houk Gallery. It was great to see those classic images in person and hear one of the great artists from the show speak. Thanks NY!

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