Thursday, March 12, 2009

Inspired by Paul Strand, part of the Model Husband series

First off I would like to thank Joerg for featuring my Dali image on his blog Conscientious yesterday. Secondly some of you may have seen the above image on James Danziger's blog for his Callahan competition. The image was always meant as a Strand homage and I inadvertently entered the competition when showing James some of the Model Husband series. But as I am a big fan of James' blog I didn't mind in the least!

Last night I saw an artist talk by Bettina Hoffmann. I enjoy her photo montages, especially "Affaires Infinies" and "La Soiree" but it is her hypnotizing videos that really draw me in. Take a look at an exerpt here. Bettina's videos most often feature still groups of people, in mid interaction, with the camera weaving in and out of the scene. She decribes the videos as a way of adding space, time and motion to a photograph. I first saw her work at the MAC's (Musee D'Art Contemporain de Montreal's) Triennale this past fall. Her work is meant to be seen projected large on a wall in a dark viewing room and in this setting you are really overwhelmed by the size and stillness of the subjects, as well as the soothing and trance-like sound track.

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