Monday, May 26, 2008

Well unfortunately I am already sick of the wedding images. I just can't bring myself to go back to more of that old stuff. So instead I am showing you a very recent project that I am quite excited about.

Above are a few images from a series of Canadiens fans taken just outside their home ice (the Bell Center) from this year's playoffs. Once the Canadiens made it to the playoffs the city pretty much went wild. Everywhere you went there were Canadiens flags and people were always talking about their hopes for the team. So I thought it would be interested to photograph some of the most die hard fans. I went down to the Bell Center before a few games and tried to capture them. It was really a great experience. Everyone was so excited and very willing to be photographed. I was hoping to do something with this series and get it published somewhere but then I ended up going to Sackville in the middle of the playoffs and therefore I missed a few games. So I didn't have enough time with the fans to really complete the series. Hopefully they will make it again next year so that I can continue this fun project.

Also Liz Kuball added her thoughts to my May 20th post. Check it out here. Thanks for adding your voice to the issue Liz.


  1. But what was with the whole rioting thing though? Were those diehards or was it a brilliant (albeit bad) plan by a tiny group of activists that incited the riot and used drunken hockey fans as their guinea pigs?

    love the shots btw.

  2. Aaron,
    The riots definitely seemed to be people taking advantage of the situation and not the actual fans. Ever since '93 it seems to be an excuse for the crazies to come out. I was in New Brunswick at the time so I never actually saw what happened.

  3. Thanks for the insider info, and hopefully they won't come out for the Formula One race in 2 weeks. I'll be making the quick 1 hour drive up 87 North for that event! And perhaps find some great little charming B&B with brick walls in the rooms for to rest my head in Old Montreal.

  4. If you have seen the footage of the rioting you won't recognize the people in these photos. They are not the same people at all. There are Habs fans and then there are riot fans. Unfortunately the riot fans have occaission to mask themselves as Habs fans when our team sucks/rules.

    BTW I was on the corner where one of the cop cars was burnt 15 min before and left because it was boring. Just a bunch of people in a circle jumping up and down yelling Ole, Ole, Ole. It was not violent at all.

  5. nice project and nice images!
    i think for about a month there is was almost impossible to point your camera anywhere in the city without having a flag show up in one's pictures !