Friday, February 1, 2008

Yay, My website is finally done! New look and tons of new photos. Same address as before:
It loads all at once so you do have to wait a few seconds at first but from then on everything should be really fast. Now I just have to work on the million other things that I have put aside in order to get this done! Oh and a big thanks to Chris for all his help with site design, putting it together and uploading it. I decided not to put up artist statements for the 3 personal projects and the "Why am I marrying him?" may concern some people. Not to worry, it's more about relationships in general, how we decide on choosing one person over another, and the huge range of personality that one person can offer. Enjoy.


  1. why am i marrying him = awesome
    nightlight = also awesome. are any of those prints for sale?

  2. Hey Mark,
    I do in fact have extra copies of some nightlight images. Which ones do you like? I can always get more printed as well. Glad you like them!