Monday, January 7, 2008

While in Dublin my family and I visited the pub that my grandmother owned and ran singlehandedly for 18 years. The pub is much changed since she last worked there but it is a fun stop all the same. My grandmother and her four children (one of which is my mother) lived in the apartment above the pub during those years. The current owner of the pub still retains possession of this flat. My aunt had at one time asked permission to see the upstairs again but was flatly denied. My sister was feeling courageous the day that we were there and made the request again. To our surprise the present owner Mr Ryan agreed to give us a tour! A further surprise was that the upstairs had not been touched in the 30+ years since my grandmother last lived there. The place was in a poor state but we were so excited, running around checking out all the rooms and my mother saying "this was where I slept, and this was the fancy parlour with the swan door" and so on and so on. Of course I madly tried to document as much or it as I could but low light, no tripod and no flash, and only 10 minutes spent up there made it difficult. So the B+Ws above are some from that day. The colours were so terrible that they only looked decent in B+W. The colour photo is from the pub as it is today.

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