Sunday, December 9, 2007

I'm back from Ireland. I had a wonderful time reconnecting with family and getting to know the landscape again. I also went swimming one day at The 40-foot on the South side of Dublin. I'll tell you it wasn't warm! Here are some photos of the regulars that were there the day I went. They are much tougher than I and definitely stayed in longer than the 20 seconds or so I managed.


  1. I'm glad you are back from Ireland. Ireland is too far away. These shots look great taken out of the piles and compiled here.

  2. Do you instantly shot like Martin Parr when you are in Great Britain?

  3. hot toddy,
    First I wasn't in Great Britain. But no I don't find that these ones from the 40 foot are very Martin Parr. I know what you mean: the ones from people vacationing in Brighton. Martin Parr often uses flash in those seaside shots and that helps to give the whole thing an artificial feel. His colours are also much more saturated. And then of course the situations that he finds are much crazier. I wasn't going for that but thanks for the insight; even though I rebuke you I now see that there are some similarities,