Monday, November 12, 2007

A few weekends ago Nancy and I went for a drive along the shore of Vaudreuil looking to make pictures. I find nature or landscape photography to be very challenging and so I was happy with the few successful images that came out of that day. I am always better when there is a human element involved like the stone walls in the last 2. Give me a forest of trees to photograph and the images always come out chaotic and nonsensical. It's nice to know one's limits I guess. Since this realization I don't get so upset when having difficulty with nature as a subject. I'll always give it a try all the same!


  1. wow gorgeous colours. this has been an amazing fall for that. i put up a couple fall-themed hdrs on my flickr, checkit:

  2. Hey Mark,
    I checked out those photo links you sent. The first autumn tennis courts is my favourite. HDRs have a really fun effect. Thanks for watching,