Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So I decided to submit to the Hey Hot Shot! contest last week and the above images are what I submitted. And here's what I wrote:

This new series entitled Nightlight 2 is about urban living and the constant presence of artificial light. The street lamp light that enters my bedroom at night is photographed using long exposures so that you can see what my eyes see when I cannot sleep. The light reshapes places and objects and makes me question our perception of things under artificial light. Coming after my Nightlight series, which was made up of images of urban scenes at night, this recent project focuses in on the light itself and how it changes our world.

Wish me luck! Also I want to thank Subjectify for featuring some of my work recently. Lastly John Goldbach's reading Sunday evening was great and I have proceeded to read the book cover to cover since then. In my last post I forgot to direct you to his website where you can purchase the book.

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