Monday, May 25, 2009

The last two images from this new series titled "Land of Plenty" for now, although the title will eventually change. The above images represent water and plastic. They definitely feel different than the other images. The connection to the earth is not as strong and they look more like garbage or polluters than products of the landscape. Perhaps they will bring me in a new direction. These were some of the last images that I made and other than the looser tie to the concept I find them to be aesthetically very successful. The plastic bags mimicking the clouds in the sky is fantastical and wonderful to me. In the water image I included some sticks recently gnawed by beavers, with the hopes of evoking the hydroelectric damming of water that is so prevalent here in Quebec. The sticks are not so noticeable here in these small web-size images, and are more present in the prints. One thing to mention on that note is that the final print size for this series is 28x28 inches.

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