Monday, May 5, 2008

Yay I'm back! I must say that I missed the blog. Had a great and very productive time in Sackville. Many long hours spent with the colour machine. We became good friends. Now I have lots of big and beautiful prints done. I wish you could see them, they're so much better than their on-line counterparts. Well most will be on the wall for my October show and till then I'm going to get a really big portfolio so that I can carry them around. So my time in Sackville would not have been possible without lots of help from others. First off thank you to those who bought prints and therefore made the trip more affordable. Then of course there's Thaddeus Holownia and Karen Stentaford from the Mount Allison photo dept who made me feel so welcome and made sure that I was always taken care of. Plus it was great to reconnect with these great artists. Then there was Paul Delmotte and his family who put up a complete stranger. Thank you so much! And thanks to Jenn Echols who put me in touch with Paul. Lastly there are Chris' parents Barb and Kim who gave me good meals and alcohol and the use of their hot tub!

So you may be wondering what the above images are. Well they are Mount Allison University (where I just was) in 1999. I took these when I was a student at Mount A. Back then I was all Black&White, all 35mm, and always very graphic images (you may notice the theme of symmetrical compositions slightly thrown off by figures or bushes). Things sure have changed since then but I do still enjoy these images. In fact I find it very encouraging that I have made such a transition and have created a new style for myself. Even in the small world of photographic imagery there is always room to maneuver and new directions that you can go in. Really it's never ending. So in a few years if square colour portraits aren't working for me anymore I hope that I'll have the guts to try something new.


  1. hi kate,

    i saw a blog post about you from the blog "Picture a Year" and i must say, i am quite the fan of your photography. love the medium format. it makes me jealous b/c i am stuck with a digital. thanks for sharing your work!


  2. Hey Leah,
    Since this post is about not being scared to go in new directions I encourage you to try shooting medium format. Even if you just rent a camera for a day. You might really enjoy it!