Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I love this quirky shot that I took at a wedding a few years ago.

Well less than 2 weeks till our wedding and I can tell you that wedding planning is not fun. I feel like it is a secret right of passage that no one tells you about. Instead of being left alone in the wilderness it's: deal with your family, choose a slow dance song that encompasses your relationship, decide what kind of food to serve, and you better look good in your dress. Silly, stupid and petty things that seem to somehow take over your life. I think I prefer the old-school way, I'm not made for this modern obstacle course.


  1. Kate,
    I've loved reading your blog over the last few months. This post struck home particularly because I just got married myself. Planning was a lengthy 13 months, and not particularly painful or stressful. There were lots of moments where Liz and I just had to make the decision that it was our wedding, so we're not inviting "x" or we're not going to do "y", and of course trying not to hurt anyone's feelings, but mostly wanting it to be our day.

    Wish you the best. You can really see the love you have for him in your pictures. I take silly pictures of my wife just the same way. I see her love through the lens, and it shows through the pictures.

    Keep up the great work, maybe once you're married you can start a "what was I thinking" series, or "this is why I married him" series.


  2. just remember on the actual day... it doesn't matter what goes wrong or right its about the man you marry... It feels great when it is all over...