Friday, April 11, 2008

Which do you like better from this series: this one or the one below? I am torn. Help me out by letting me know what you think!


  1. I prefer the one above with Chris looking down... It is something about his face/eyes in the other one... He looks vacant. In the top photo, he seems more alive (though he seems very sad in both photos...).

  2. Kate,

    I like today's better.

    I love your work!

  3. I like the one from Wednesday, April 9 better. There's something weird about his hand in this picture that I find distracting. Plus, I like the look on his face in the Wednesday one. He looks serene.

  4. Wow tied to far. Annie and Liz thank you for your reasoning, that helps. Keep voting people!

  5. Maybe neither.....I know I hate it when one aspect of a shot rocks but there's some little thing that's wrong in another part of it. Then, in the next frame the irksome thing is fixed but something else has changed. Just goes to prove that you definitely can't take the same photo twice.

    I like that I can see the cherries in the top one but don't like that right hand. I like the look on his face best on the bottom one can't see the cherries.

    Damn. Don't you hate it when you feel real tender towards a shot but somehow there's just something wrong. Hard edits are called hard for a lot of reasons.

    Having said all that, between these two I'd pick the
    bottom one.

    Keep going.....


  6. I like the April 9th more. It seems more congruent with the rest of the series. Like a posed moment. It also makes me wonder what the hell is in the bowl. Today's looks "too" natural. Like you caught him staring off into space, daydreaming. And there's no mystery anymore, grapes!

  7. i like the bottom one.

    love your work.

    my husband is my muse as well.

  8. Thank you all who voted. Much appreciated! You have confirmed my gut feeling that the bottom one is stronger. Tony may be right: maybe neither. For now I am really into this image but in the long run it may be taken out of the series like so many others. Have a good weekend!

  9. I like the earlier one, mainly because there's something creepy and interesting about it - I almost wouldn't have recognized Chris.