Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Some oldies but goodies.

Last night I got to thinking about these old images that amazingly I still love after many many viewings. They were made when I was a student and had access to so much great equipment. They were taken with a 4x5 camera (borrowed from school), then processed in the colour development room (by me, so that I could save money), then printed in the colour darkroom and scanned on the great old Imacon scanner that Dawson used to have. I still use the Dawson facilities since I teach there but now there are no 4x5 cameras (I might be wrong about this one), there is no colour developing room, or colour darkroom, and there is only 1 film scanner that takes 2 1/4 max. It makes my heart heavy to think of what people are missing.

April 14 update: There are now 2 film scanners which I think is definitely a step in the right direction.


  1. I still love these too. The one of Mom always makes me feel sad, she looks like Cinderella!

  2. Next time I win the lottery I am buying you a 4x5 camera and a baby barn to build a color dark room in. I am due to win soon.

  3. Anonymous,
    You know, the lottery is not necessarily a good bet. You might want to just sell all your worldly possessions and buy that stuff for me now. I'll let you sleep in the baby barn if you're nice!