Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Recently I've become obsessed with my kitchen counter. I photograph it just about every day.
I got a whole lot of that work back yesterday so I will be sharing some it with you in the next couple of days. As with most images because they are so new and I had such high expectations for them, I don't like them right now, but hopefully they will grow on me. I think my favourite is still the tupperware posted on Jan 9th. I just bought a Laura Letinsky book last week and I'm hoping that it's going to motivate me to do amazing things. Check her out here. She's a must see.


  1. I love Laura Letinsky. I remember coming across her in school and her obsession with capturing all the inbetween moments. It gives me hope that they are so beautiful. She has been working on that series Morning and Melancholia for ten years now and she has really compiled some beauties. So don't stop photographing the dirty dishes they have meaning....

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Evita! I know that it's always about putting in the time and doing long term projects but it is so hard to keep the momentum going sometimes. I'm getting better at it though.