Friday, July 19, 2013

The Park 13

Some peaceful scenes and some readers for this hot day.

A lot of people have been encouraging me to photograph other parks and for some reason I have been resistant. I mean I really like Laurier and Lafontaine but I just can't bring myself to photograph there and I think that there are 2 reasons for that. The first is that I now feel that I must be loyal to Jeanne-Mance and Mont Royal. They have served me well and I don't want to quit on them now. In all my photo projects I have stuck with one thing (husband, grandmother, etc.) for a long period of time and I guess that it is no different with this park series. The other reason, which may be one that is more interesting to you the viewer, and is perhaps not all that disconnected from my first reason, is that I like to think of this park as a microcosm of all that is possible in parks in general. Every night (or I should say every night that I can and want to go out) I go to the park and it is always different. Different people, different light, and the challenge of trying to see this place that I now know so well in a different way. As well I am not out to document all parks in Montreal, and I feel that perhaps once I start to expand that will be the expectation. I would rather think that this park and the people that occupy it show how important public space is in general, and what a wonderful thing this shared and communal place is. I'm not sure if I am making complete sense.