Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Today I did an editorial shoot, and just the kind I like. I love the little stories where regular people do great things. And I think that that is also what motivates me in much my personal work. I like making images about the simple, but the simple that I see as extraordinary, finding joy in the everyday. That is probably also why I like pigeons. They are common and yet quite beautiful and I think resilient for being able to survive in harsh urban environments.

After a warm and summery week yesterday brought a winter storm and lots of snow. That's all gone now, but all is not the same. This morning when I looked out my back window to see how the dedicated pigeon family, who was raising and constantly seeing to their young squab (chick), was doing I saw that the youngster was dead. I guess it just couldn't survive the sudden cold temperatures. I can't help but feel that as freakish storms like yesterday's seem to only increase in number wildlife will continue to suffer while we complain about having to take our winter boots out of the closet.

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