Friday, January 15, 2010

Bread ties

This was one that I had a hard time with. I collected bread ties for a few months (with the help of many people) and photographed them over and over again. The things on their own are just so amazing that I couldn't seem to do them justice. This image was the last one I did and definitely the most successful. Backlit and through the mesh of a tennis court fence seemed to bring them to another level, beyond the simple plastic beauty of the individual objects.

Today's inspirational artist is Katie Baum whose series Chasing Memory is really wonderful, especially the donut shot.

Also if you are in Montreal be sure to check out Raymonde April's shows. In fact she is having three shows this month, Equivalences 1 at Galerie Donald Browne, and Equivalence 2 at Les Territoires, both of which just opened last night and are located across the hall from each other on the 5th floor of the Belgo Building, and then Equivalences 3+4 which will open at Occurrence on the 30th of January. It's beautiful work full of surprising images, and unexpected sequencing.

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