Sunday, April 26, 2009

I bought Chris Lego for his birthday this year (as per his request). He started making these Lego robots and I decided to photograph them around the house. This is the first one he made. So this is a fun new series just for the blog.

Officially this would be our third collaboration. In thinking about it I realize that there are different ways in which we work together. First there was Why am I Marrying him? (which I'm still making even though we're now married) and that was really a symbiotic collaboration. Symbiotic in that it lived peacefully alongside and didn't disturb our lives. Part shooting in the moment and part recreating things that Chris had already done, it came easily and painlessly. Then there was Model Husband. Now that was a different story. That was really more of a dictatorship, with me being the dictator. For this series I had very specific ideas about the images that I wanted to make. Asking your husband to lie down on the cold, and possibly dirty floor, just as soon as he gets home from work (because the light is fading), does not go over well. That is somewhat of a small series as a result! At present we are mending and going back to simple and childish ways. And so now the robots, which really I would call a coalition. A joining of forces with designated roles and equal opportunity for all. He makes the robots without any input or suggestions and I photograph them later and without direction.

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