Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hello all. Well I hope that I have not shocked you with this nude of Chris, I know some people are sensitive about these things. This is part of a recent series I did called Model Husband, and this image is specifically called Inspired by Edward Weston 1. I am showing it to you now because I have been lucky enough to be included in Daniel Cooney Fine Art's auction of emerging photographers. The auction started today and ends in 20 days. To view the auction and even place a bid go here. Tell your friends. Beautiful prints for sale! And if you want to know more about this new series of mine here's a little blurb on it:

This series explores the nude in the context of the spousal relationship, drawing inspiration from poses used by a previous generation of men photographing and painting their wives. As in the Why am I marrying him? series I am once again photographing my husband, but this time pushing the boundaries of our collaboration. Looking at the intimacy and trust that must exist between two people in order for one to photograph the other throughout their relationship, I take as models these men who used their wives as subjects. I examine their methods and approach through mimicry. How did these artists balance the need to create with the need to preserve something so dear? The relationship between artist and muse is at stake but so is that between husband and wife. How did they, and how do I, resign the two? Futhermore looking at a potential shift in gender roles over the past century I also wonder: are we telling the same story now but in reverse?

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