Friday, March 28, 2008

I just got a bunch of film back today and it reinforces my feeling (as I mentioned in the interview with Liz Kuball) that I like the shooting, and the receiving of the final product to be two separate events. Last night as I was reading Steinbeck's "The Pasture of Heaven" I came across this line:
"It was good, she knew, to put off joy, for by doing so, one increased joy."
For some reason having to wait and be patient makes me value my images all the more. I have definitely joined the digital tide wave myself and don't want to deny its importance in any way but there is something so precious about film.

For all of you in Montreal: tomorrow night Montreal photographer and Dawson alumnus Babak Salari will be launching his book "Faces, Bodies, Personas: Tracing Cuban Stories" which explores the issues of Sexuality, Identity and Marginality.
MEKIC Gallery 4438 rue de la Roche
Saturday March 29th 5-7pm


  1. Although I'm not a photographer, so maybe not the best judge, the kitchen counter project is really starting to grow on me. I especially like the one with the melon in the tupper ware.


  2. Thanks Clare. I think this project is actually starting to get some focus and that really helps. Maybe I'll post about where I feel it's going this coming week. I also think that the newer stuff is much better with than the ones I started with.