Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More from the weekend with Dominique. This whole event was actually orchestrated by my Dad. For his 60th birthday he wanted my whole family to spend the day with Dominique, do a traditional sweat lodge, and stay in a tepee. Luckily Dominique was amazing and the tepee was very comfortable (top photo). The sweat lodge was a real test of will though. I, who doesn't particularly like hot temperatures, managed to stay in for the full two and a half hours! It really was a spiritual experience and a test of willpower. The bottom photo is our soaked clothing drying in the sun. All clothes that went into the sweat lodge (and us women had to be almost fully covered) ended up soaked with sweat. We did go for a cold dip afterwards though. No photos were allowed in and around the sweat lodge area.

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